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EGOUT ,sewage network design software, in addition to providing powerful and smart design tools, has given the designer unlimited and unique decision-making power.
  • It connects to Autocad and uses the features of the Autocad platform.
  • Layers and blocks are automatically created by the software.
  • It identifies the drawn sewer network plan, which is drawn in the Sewer layer as a line without the need for any pattern (Draw free order).
  • It identifies the outfall points of the network by inserting an Endblock block at the end(s) of the network.
  • All sewage network data is saved on the DWG file.
  • The software also provides a powerful design tools that allows the designer to design the sewage network visually on the profile display window and simultaneously observe its changes on the profile.



EGOUT connects to AutoCAD and works on the AutoCAD drawing 

Draw sewer network   on ACAD drawing plan 

(draw lines as sewer pipes in sewer layer) and mark outlet with endblock

EGOUT recognize sewer pipes network drawing and process  it for Designing( please see video)

EGOUT set auto numbering Manholes and laterals of network

EGOUT set Ground Elevation manholes of network with elevation code text in AutoCad  drawing

EGOUT® software is a professional program used by environmental and civil engineers to design urban sewer systems. It helps you draw sewer plans in ACAD and design with EGOUT and draw profile of wastewater collection system. It provides tools for calculating all types of flows.


1- Run AutoCad  2-Run Egout  3-Click on Start

Egout will be connect to AutoCAD

ContactSewerYou can easy drawing sewer plan in AutoCad free order.

ContactSewerYou can easy drawing sewer plan in AutoCad free order.

Cad SewerYou can easy drawing sewer plan in AutoCad free order. your sewer lines  connect end to end and  in the outfall finally mark with block with name "EndBlock" .


EGOAS, Profile Drawing from EXCEl data



With this program, you can easily import Excel data and draw a longitudinal profile of a sewer network. Here's how you can do it:



Easy Draw Profile

With this application, you can graphically add sewer and on profile edit Length, Slope, Elevation and Minimum cover  and make DXF that open it with Autocad



Profile Sewer


Easy Extract Data From AutoCad To Excel without and code or lisp!

With this application, you can filter ACAD objects (name,Layer,Color)and extract property of objects to view window and you can send to excel .


Extract Data From ACAD