Sewer Design
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1-run setup exe in folder EGOUT-Package

    press ok for all questions

2-copy EGOUT-xxx.exe from EGOUT-Package to HARD disk( or egout-xxx.exe from for

        acad2008 to EGOUT-acad2022 folder )

3-open acad20xx

4-run EGOUTxx,exe

5- press Start for connecting to acad

6- if ACAD version does not match with EGOUT ( error Type mismatch displayed)


7-in ACAD window:

  7-1-set sewer layer current (layers automatically makes with EGOUT and current)

  7-2-draw line end to end with LINE command (sewer line drawn in sewer layer-see         example 1)

  7-3-Insert Endblock to an endpoint of sewer network( outfall point)

NOTE: (End block is a block reference makes with EGOUT insert it with   Insert command in Acad command line

Edit net work-press EDIT button


Set Lateral by change color on a sewer line in

upstream and Then Setlatral in EGOUT window

or click on SET BYLEN


Color 1(red) is the Main sewer

2(yellow) is sub main

3(green) is sub main

4,5,6(cyan,blue and magenta) is lateral

For Lateral Name Press Lateralname

For change  Lateralname(*1) to another name( A, B,…) Edit attrib of a lateral block( Note:EGOUT insert into downstream line automatically)

You can insert lateral block in other main(see above picture)

 For manhole numbering press Mhname button in EGOUT window.

Elevation SET

Change layer elevation code( Text only) to elevation layer

Press Elv-set

With interpolation, elv text insert By EGOUT

You can change search radius in  Value box in EGOUT window and Elv-set Egain for find other code

You can edit this code with DDEDIT command in ACAD

Press GELV button in EGOUT for move text code to Z of the sewer line( error 5 for Gelv=0)

For Region draw close region with a line in area-density layer

Density Input (D1, D2 in density layer)

Population Input (P1, P2 in density layer)

Save ur Design Dwg

Get data With Getdata button in EGOUT window

 For input Project info Press Project in EGOUT window



Population  option

Infiltration Measure

INFLOW measure

STORM data

Q=2.78 C.I.A.B

Diameter Window

Sewer Window

SOLVE-press solve button

View: you can view Sewer network profile in VIEW window

You can select a line with Right-click on profile and edit slope and cover of each line

Press SDF for Slope defined by the user( SDF fix slope with the designer)